ABOUT US is a free online gaming site that wants to be the only place your come on the Web when you just want to kick back and have some fun. Whether you enjoy puzzle games, MMOs that can run on any computer or physics-based games like Angry Birds, we have something for you to enjoy.

The Candy Blitz Game Library

The massive game library at is something our team has worked very hard to achieve. We don’t curate it the way some other sites do. If a game is safe and free-to-play, we’ll include it. Then it’s up to our members to determine how much it’s played and how much attention it receives. Our team does organize games into genres and subgenres, and we also tag them based on various characteristics, and the goal here is to make it easier for you to find the games you want to play.

Support for All Devices

Our mission is to support all devices. Of course the challenge there is that not all games are suitable for all devices. A game that runs on Flash or JavaScript won’t run on many mobile devices. Nevertheless, we’ve developed a system that can identify your device and then automatically filter games based on it. You can turn the filtering off at any time, but it’s a great way to make better use of your time.

Your Personalized Arcade

If you’ve registered a free account with us, then you’ll be able to access your personalized arcade. This is your personal room on our website where you can bookmark all of your favorite games. If you play one or more games frequently, then this lets you have quick access to them without any fuss or muss.

Game Ratings and Reviews

Our system also lets our members rate games based on a 10-point scale. These ratings help with searching for new games, and also let us make Top 10 lists for the overall library and particular genres. Our team even reviews games that rank high enough, and our community is welcome to review games themselves as well as write guides and other content.

Site-wide Community Interaction

Community interaction is a big part of who we are at Games are a lot more fun when you’re not alone. We’ve implemented a site-wide chat system, which is global but that you can filter based on a particular genre or game. We also have message boards linked to each genre and game, and we’ve recently integrated social media features throughout the site.

New Games as They’re Available

Our team adds new games to our library as soon as they become available. You can see the 10 most recently added games on the homepage, and click it to view a complete log. Sometimes we’ll add a dozen games in a single day or go two days without adding a new game. It just depends. Sometimes we get advanced access to games, and we’ll use it to keep you current with previews, screenshots and more.