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Pirate Blast : "At the start of the game you'll see your cannon at the bottom left corner of the screen, and crosshairs located slightly to the right and above the cannon. The angle between the cannon and the crosshairs will determine the direction in which the cannonball will fire. The distance between the crosshairs and the cannon will determine the actual power of the cannonfire. The pirates are a crafty bunch, and the beams and blocks that their constructions are built from will provide them with some degree of protection. Some of these objects may take a few blasts of the cannon to eventually destroy. As well as scoring points for every pirate you rid the world of, you'll also score extra points by hitting skulls which hover around the lands, and other special characters including invisible enemies which you may only know you've hit when a cannonball bounces off of them! Once each cannonball has landed and rolled to a stop, it will automatically explode, enabling you to target and fire your next cannonball. Good luck in returning the mountain lands back to a peaceful existence." Instructions:

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